How I doubled my freelance income by becoming a UX designer

It was time for change

And then I fell in love with UX design

How I gradually became a freelance UX designer:

First, I changed my mindset

I’ve taken UX courses, read UX blogs, books and studied daily–and I still do

My first books
My first three courses at IxDF

I started my first Job as a UX/UI Designer

I created a strong portfolio

  • The summaries of your past projects,
  • Which skills you’ve mastered,
  • How you approach problems and
  • How you work with others

As a freelancer I developed a marketing strategy

  • to publish regular articles on my blog (in german) to help others, but also to increase traffic to my website
  • to send newsletters to inform my clients and interested people about what’s going on in ux design
  • to network and share tips on Linkedin, also on Instagram (with moderate success) and
  • become active on a few freelancer brokerage sites
  • Social Media (with more passion than me)
  • Video marketing & Podcasts
  • Ads (Social Media and Search Engines)
  • Telemarketing 🥴
  • Door-to-Door-Marketing
  • Mailings

If you want to make a change like this, take your time and be patient



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